Newborn Care Class

Newborn Care Class

This 1 session class is not a requirement of birth in our center. It will review bathing, sleeping, crying and other basics to care for your newborn. Both client and birth partners are recommended to attend.  Payment for the class is due at the time of registration. You may take this class at any time, before or after your baby is born. Babes in arms are welcome, but please find childcare for any younger children. 

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all classes will be virtual until further notice*


Class Dates:

Place: Seasons Midwifery & Birth Center

Address: 2900 E 136th Ave Thornton CO 80241

Newborn Care Class

When you’re expecting, learning the basics of caring for your precious baby can help you prepare for the exciting newborn days ahead. Postpartum classes help parents build confidence and can lessen anxiety. You can take a baby care class any time before or after your baby is born. 

Read on to learn why newborn care classes are crucial for new and seasoned parents.

The Importance of Baby Care Classes

Baby care courses increase parents’ knowledge and help them prepare for taking care of their newborn. While you can read about taking care of babies, classes provide an immersive learning experience and can often be hands-on if you bring your baby with you. Learn parenting tips and tricks from other attendees, ask questions and strengthen your partner relationship when participating in a newborn class. 

Here are some basics you will learn in baby care class:

  • Bathing: It will take some practice to get used to bathing your baby. In class, you’ll learn how you can safely clean your newborn.
  • Sleep schedules: Your sleep schedule will constantly change in the first few weeks as your baby adjusts. Discover how you can encourage a regular sleep schedule, so you and the baby get enough sleep.
  • Changing diapers: For first-time parents, changing a diaper may be brand new. In class, you’ll learn the basics of diaper changing, including how to put one on and change diapers in public.
  • Feeding: Whether you plan to breastfeed or use formula, your baby will need to feed frequently throughout the day. In class, you’ll learn about feeding schedules, pumping and taking turns feeding the baby when possible. You’ll also learn about burping and why it’s necessary after the baby eats.
  • Safety: Babies are fragile as their bones and muscles develop. Ensure you keep your baby safe by learning how to hold them correctly and demonstrate proper car seat safety.


Find Baby Classes Near You

Are you a new parent or having another child? Postpartum classes are an excellent resource to learn about the basics of caring for a baby. Seasons Midwifery & Birth Center offers classes for expecting and new parents each month in the Denver area. Our certified midwives are know the baby care essentials and can provide a safe space for parents to learn and ask questions.

Sign up for a newborn class today if you’re interested in learning more about baby care. 

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