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What Services Are Birthing Centers Able to Provide?

Birthing centers have become a popular birth choice in the last few decades. These facilities focus on providing individualized, holistic and natural health care for folks throughout their lives, from before pregnancy to during pregnancy and postpartum.

Birth centers respect a person’s choice and always provide services after receiving informed consent. While birth centers are known for being a safe place for pregnant individuals to give birth, they also offer other services.

What Do Birthing Centers Offer?

Providing support and care are a couple of the most important features of a birth center. There are many ways a birth center can extend support through the services they provide, including:

  • Midwifery: Certified nurse midwives can focus on providing supportive midwifery care to clients during and after pregnancy.
  • Birth: Birth is a natural and normal life event. Birth centers can play a significant role in educating, guiding, supporting and ensuring the safety of pregnant women and their families.
  • Infant feeding support: Choosing to breast/chest feed can be challenging for some new parents. We can help you prepare for feeding your infant and answer any questions you have along the way.
  • Cancer screening: Routine cancer screenings are essential to detecting cancer early. Our certified nurse midwives can perform screenings for cervical, breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Contraception: Professionals at birth centers can discuss contraception options with you to find one that will work the best for your needs and situation.
  • Newborn care: From birth to two weeks of age, midwives at our birth center can extend care for the baby, including 2-day and 8-day physical exams, screenings and 24-hour tele-visit options.
  • Prenatal care: Midwives can provide prenatal care to ensure you and your baby stay healthy during pregnancy.
  • Postpartum care: The care you receive after birth is just as important as prenatal care. We ensure you and your baby are adjusting well during postpartum with follow-up visits.
  • Wellness physical exams: Preventative health care is vital to ensure you are maintaining good health. These exams typically occur annually.
  • Acute gynecology care: Midwifery care isn’t limited to childbirth and pregnancy. Often, midwives can provide gynecological services for clients with non-pregnancy-related issues.
  • Educational classes: Learn about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, caring for a newborn, how to strap in a car seat and more through classes a birth center offers for new parents.

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