Belly Binding

photo of a woman belly binding, with a wrap around her stomach

Belly Binding

What is Bengkung Belly Binding?

Bengkung Belly Binding is the art of wrapping a postpartum woman’s body from hips to rib cage to promote healing. The technique is rooted in the Malaysian culture but many cultures around the world use belly binding to support the healing process. It feels like a gentle “hug” that brings warmth back to the womb.

Traditionally women are wrapped 2-5 days postpartum (after incision has healed if cesarean birth) and wear the binding for 6-10 hours daily for up to 30 days. The binding consists of a 15 ft piece of breathable fabric (usually cotton) wrapped in a way that supports without feeling stiff or constricting.

Some of the benefits of belly binding include:

  • Assists in abdominal wall retraction (diastasis recti)
  • Stabilizes the hip joints and pelvic ligaments that have become loose and unstable due to pregnancy hormones
  • Supports the spine and posture realignment which helps prevent slouching while breastfeeding
  •  Alleviates lower back pain
  • Boosts the lymphatic system to relieve water retention and swelling

If belly binding is something you desire to do after your baby is born, a wrap can be purchased in advance from The Art of Wellness shop on Etsy  and midwife Valorie at Seasons Midwifery and Birth Center can help you learn how to wear it. There are also helpful YouTube videos on how to wear the wrap . There is also an option to purchase a homeopathic balm containing warming ingredients like cinnamon and clove that help increase circulation to the healing abdominal muscles.

This is a great way to give your postpartum body some love and support! 

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