In Denver

We believe that birth is a normal life event. One that should be celebrated!

The way a person gives birth significantly changes their life forever. Knowing this, we believe that the birth experience is as important as the outcome. Healthy parents and babies are always the focus, but how you feel about this event is just as important.

Our role in your birth is to:

  • EDUCATE – we have so much knowledge about pregnancy, birth, feeding and baby care, we want to share it all with you!
  • GUIDE – There are a lot of choices you face as a pregnant person and a growing family. We are here to share what we know so you feel confident in you decisions.
  • SUPPORT – this is your YOUR birth, not ours. You are the primary decision maker, our role is to respect and support your choices.
  • SAFETY – Our staff is trained for emergency situations. Our skills and preparation with local EMS and hospital staff are here as your safety net, so you can focus on your birth and your baby.
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