Birthing Center Safety

You can choose where you want to give birth, whether you go to a hospital or a birth center. When you go to a birth center, you receive the utmost care from certified midwives who do everything to make you as comfortable as possible. Read on to learn about birth centers and their high safety standards.

Birth Centers vs. Hospitals

While people typically think of hospitals as the traditional place to give birth, birth centers are becoming popular options. Both places provide a safe space to go through labor and delivery. Learn more about the differences below.


Going to the hospital when you’re in labor is a traditional and safe way to give birth. When you go into labor and deliver your baby at a hospital, you can receive an epidural and other medication to help you through the pain.

Birth Centers

Birth centers are an excellent alternative to hospitals when you go into labor and deliver your baby. Birthing centers believe that birth is a normal life event rather than a medical procedure. When you go to a birth center, you’ll get one-on-one, specialized care throughout the entire process with certified midwives. At their core, birth centers believe in inducing labor and delivery in holistic and natural ways instead of using medications. Keeping the pregnant patient relaxed and comfortable while in labor is vital.

Every birth center has trained staff who know how to safely deliver a baby. In addition to helping pregnant women during labor and delivery, many birthing centers also offer prenatal, postpartum and newborn care services. Birth centers have the proper equipment to ensure smooth delivery and take appropriate sanitation seriously. Dedicated midwives and doctors have the patient’s best interests in mind, contributing to the safety of giving birth in birth centers. Healthy pregnant women with limited to no complications can benefit from staying at birth centers.

Birth centers are the perfect option for women who want more freedom while giving birth but don’t want to do it at home.

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