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Birth Doula Services

When you become pregnant, you need to make many decisions to ensure your pregnancy runs smoothly. You can have professional assistance during every stage of your pregnancy with the help of a doula. Whether you are pregnant with your first or third baby, a doula can provide the extra support you may need.

Find highly experienced doulas in Denver through Seasons Midwifery & Birth Center.

What Is a Doula and What Does a Doula Do?

A doula is a professional labor support assistant. They provide emotional, physical and partner support during the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum stages. Doulas can play a crucial role in birth plans and advocate for the mother’s desires during pregnancy and birth. Your relationship with your doula can benefit you and your partner. A doula can help you create a birth plan, answer questions and address any of your pregnancy concerns.

Benefits of a Doula 

Birth doula services can include many essential tasks, including:

  • Assistance during labor and delivery: Doulas can help birth parents with breathing techniques, massages and encouraging optimal fetal positioning. 
  • Emotional reassurance: Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can be mentally and emotionally draining at times. Doulas provide support through all stages with comfort and encouragement that everything will be okay.
  • Partner support: The partner’s birth experience matters, too. Being there for a partner in labor shows the birth partner you are supportive and ready to help. Doulas can step in to support the pregnant partner when the other needs a break. They can also help take care of additional tasks, so the partner can focus on helping their loved one.
  • Breastfeeding guidance: Doulas can help you settle into breastfeeding postpartum. They will guide you through letting the baby latch for the first time, positioning the baby and knowing what to do if the baby doesn’t latch right away.


Find a Doula in Denver

If you would like a doula to support you during and after your pregnancy, you can find one at Seasons Midwifery & Birth Center. We provide birth doula services in Denver, Colorado, so you can receive the best support. Learn more about our doula services and set up a consultation with a prospective doula online today!

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