Kimberlee Barnes, M.D.


Dr. KimberLee Barnes has recently returned to the Thornton community after a two-year hiatus. During those two years she worked in Germany for the US Army. Although not a newcomer to the community, she is a new doctor at Women’s Health Group.

She is from Michigan originally and went to Michigan State University for both undergraduate and medical school. She moved to Denver in 1986 to complete her residency training in OB/GYN at St. Joseph Hospital. Colorado is now home sweet home!

Her long-time passion has been the care of patients with menopausal symptoms, as well as Gynecologic surgery and well-woman preventive medicine. The philosophy that she tries to embody is “patient care and teaching first”. She is also very pleased to participate in the pregnancy and childbirth stages of her patient’s lives.

What makes Colorado home to you?

After moving from Michigan where there are a lot of trees but also a lot of clouds, it was refreshing to move to a state where the sun shines nearly every day. I love the mountains and skiing and the types of recreational activities that Colorado offers. Having lived here for over 30 years, it is now home.

What are your passions outside of work?

My family and two dogs, sewing, upholstery and all types of crafts, outdoor recreation like skiing hiking and pickle ball.

Why did you become an OB/GYN?

For me it was a calling. I love what I do and that has never changed over the 30+ years of practice.

What in your career are you most proud?

For me it was a calling. I love what I do and that has never changed over the 30+ years of practice

What is the most important part of your job?

Opening and sustaining my own gynecologic practice in the past, prior to going to work for the army, several years ago.

Are you accepting new patients?


Honors and Awards:

The achievement medal for civilian service given out by the Department of the Army.

Work related Committees:

In the past, worked for years on the Quality Assurance Committee through North Suburban Medical Center.

Work in the Community:

In the past, but not currently I have worked doing gynecological exam is at the 9 Health Fair. Subsequently I did some service to our country by working for the Army for two years on a base in Germany.

Specialties at The Women’s Health Group:

Gynecology related illnesses, especially.

Menopause and treatment with both natural methods and hormone therapy.

I love to help with Issues both surgical and nonsurgical.

Vaginal atrophy treatment with MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment

Sexual dysfunction treatment with Platelets-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Injections.

Hormone Optimization Therapy.


Undergrad: Michigan State University

Medical: Michigan State University

Residency: St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver Colorado

Medical experience:

33 Years


English with a smattering of German French and Spanish.

Office Location(s):

The Women’s Health Group, PC-Thornton

9195 Grant St., Suite 410
Thornton, Colorado 80229
Phone: (303) 280-2229 (BABY)
Fax: (303) 280-0765

Updated Policy

If you are fully vaccinated masking is optional in our offices; if you have not been vaccinated masking for your protection is strongly encouraged. This is subject to change as COVID levels fluctuate in our community

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