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Newborn Care

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Newborn Baby Care

Birth is a normal life process that results in bringing new life to the world. Knowing how to take care of a newborn baby properly requires patience and continuous learning. 

Having a solid support system can help ensure you are as prepared as possible when it’s time to transition into parenthood. At Seasons Birth Center, we can help.

Taking Care of a Newborn

The first few weeks after birth are vital to ensure a newborn is developing correctly. A newborn is any baby four weeks old or younger. During this time, it’s essential to:

  • Establish feeding patterns.
  • Nurture parent and infant bonding.
  • Watch for any infections, birth or congenital deficiencies, or other health issues.

Learning how to take care of a newborn during the prenatal period can help make the transition easier once parents bring their newborn home, as well as to notice the signs of anything abnormal.

Newborn Care Services

Midwives assist labor and delivery, but they can also provide care for you and your baby after birth. Often, when you give birth at a birth center, you can receive newborn care services for your baby. With the services available at Seasons Birth Center, families have a choice of having us take care of the baby for the first two weeks of life. We can also couple your postpartum care with newborn care so you can stay with your baby while you recover.

When you receive newborn care, our certified nurse midwives can administer essential assessments needed for the baby’s first couple weeks, including:

  • Complete physical exam at birth before discharge.
  • 2-day visit to provide a physical exam, weight check and evaluate feeding.
  • Colorado Newborn Screen Test (PKU) for possible metabolic disorders.
  • Critical congenital heart disease screening.
  • Bilirubin check for jaundice.
  • Hearing test.
  • 8-day visit for another physical exam, weight check and feeding evaluation.
  • 24-hour tele-visit options to discuss and answer any questions.

At 10 days old, we then refer your newborn to the pediatric care provider of your choice with all records and test results. Our newborn care services prepare you for parenthood once you leave our center.

Quality Newborn Care at Seasons Birth Center 

Seasons Birth Center can assist you and your family with newborn care. We offer classes you can take during your prenatal stage, and our certified nurse midwives are highly prepared and trained to provide newborn care services postpartum. To learn more about newborn care or schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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