Newborn Care

Newborn Care

Newborn Care from Birth to 2 Weeks of Age

Families who birth in our center have the option to choose to have us care for baby for the first two weeks of life, coupled with your postpartum care.

As midwives, we know that caring for parent and baby as a couplet for the first few weeks can increase breastfeeding success, and decrease postpartum depression. Additionally, having one care team to care for both parent and baby decreases the number of visits/appointments to make in the busy postpartum period and helps to coordinate the care and instructions in a manner easier to absorb and process.

Our staff is trained and prepared to provide:

  • Full physical newborn exam at birth before discharge from the center
  • 24 hour tele-visit to talk about feeding, sleeping, activity, diapers etc.
  • 2-day visit to provide physical exam, weight check & evaluate feeding.
  • Colorado Newborn Screen Test (PKU) for metabolic disorders
  • Critical congenital heart disease screening test
  • Bilirubin check for jaundice if needed
  • 8-day visit to provide physical exam, weight check & evaluate feeding
  • Hearing screen

At 10 days old we then refer baby to the pediatric care provider of your choice, with all records and test results. Newborn care provided by the midwives in our center is often covered by most insurance plans. You should verify this coverage with your own carrier.

Updated Visitor Policy

Due to a decrease in COVID-19 cases in Colorado, we have updated our visitor policy to allow one masked visitor per patient. All patients and visitors must wear a face covering.

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