Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

In Denver

The care you receive after the birth of you baby can be, (in some cases) even more important than prenatal care. 

This is a critical time for both the parent and infant. We believe that close supervision during the first few weeks keeps everyone healthy, and prevents poor outcomes.

We provide postpartum visits that are part of your care. This is provided for everyone that is feeling healthy and well. If something is not going well, and you need to be seen more than 4 times, we are happy to provide the care that you need.

During your pregnancy, we will teach you what you need to know about caring for your newborn for the first days of life. You are your baby’s best environment during pregnancy, that doesn’t change once they come earth-side! When baby is born they go right to your chest, and there they STAY. Hearing your heartbeat and your voice helps babies transition to life outside.

  • Once settled in at home, we will contact you the next day for a check in or “tele-visit”. We are still on call for you as needed.
  • At 2 days post birth you return to our center so the midwife can examine you and baby. This is a critical time for you both. Working closely together we can help establish breastfeeding, and be sure that everyone is transitioning without issues.
  • You and baby come back again at 8-10 days, for more follow up and support.
  • The six week visit is when we do our final postpartum check-up.
  • Weekly breastfeeding support groups and in-house lactation services are available in our center if needed.
  • This isn’t really goodbye! Birth control, acute gynecological care, cancer screening and wellness exams are all available in our center. We can continue to care for you in all the seasons of your life.
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