Reasons for Seasons

Seasons Midwifery and Birth center has a lot to celebrate. We celebrate the hundreds of children who have joined the world in our birth center and with our midwives. We celebrate each of the families who chose Seasons, and were able to birth their way. And we celebrate the incredible data-backed work we do at Seasons. We now have years of data that shows the incredible outcomes of Seasons’ midwifery care. 

We are the only birth center in the Colorado front range that has midwife privileges at our collaborating hospital, so care can continue by your midwife if you transfer.

This is below the national average. But when it is needed, Seasons midwives are able to be surgical assist for our clients, along with the Women’s Health Group physicians. 

But the tub is used in labor by over 95%. 

This rate is our use in labor only. We are able to use Nitrous in our clinic for procedures such as IUD or Nexplanon insertion. 

This is compared to the national average of 10.1% – our preterm birth rate is in alignment with the national rates for the midwifery model of care. 

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