Referring Physicians

Referral Request

Thank you for referring your patient to The Women’s Health Group! To refer a patient, please download and complete the online referral form. Once it is complete please fax it to our office. Or, you can have the patient call our office direct at:

Lafayette Office: 303-665-6016  Fax: 303-665-0121
Thornton Office: 303-280-2229  Fax: 303-280-0765
Reunion Office: 303-280-2229  Fax: 303-280-0765

Records Release

Records Release TO our office from another office:

Occasionally, we will ask you to authorize another physician’s office to provide us with your medical records. Due to privacy policies, you will need to request those documents with a form and your signature. The following form can be printed at home, completed, and submitted to your outside physician’s office. This form grants them your permission to release your records to our office. They may ask you to hand-carry them to our office. In the event they mail or fax your records, please check with us to make sure the records have arrived in our office before your appointment.

Records Release FROM our office to another office:

Are you moving? Is your insurance changing preferred providers for you? Is another specialty needing your records? Please call the office you normally go to and request the appropriate forms, find out fees, and discuss processing time needed to complete your record transfer.

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