Seasons Midwifery and Birth Center Celebrates its 200th Baby Born in the Center

Thornton, CO, February 4, 2021 – Seasons midwifery and birth center in Thornton, CO welcomed the 200th child born in their center today. This milestone came just seven months after they celebrated the 100th child born in the center in May.

Mai Le was born to parents Theresa and Linh in the afternoon of February 4, 2021 weighing 6lbs 1 oz.

“Welcoming Mai Le to the world today was a great honor,” says Heather Prestridge, Administrative Director of Seasons Midwifery and Birth Center.

Heather added, “We were thrilled last summer when we welcomed our 100th baby at our one year anniversary. This was an extraordinary number to boast when the center was just one year old. To have reached the milestone of 200 lives brought into the world in our center in just a year and a half? We are just thrilled to be moving so quickly and honored with the trust that families place in our caregivers.”

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