Take A Look At Our Birth Center

Seasons Birth Center is a freestanding birth center located north of the Denver metro area in Thornton, Colorado. Our birth center welcomes over 100 babies into the world every year. 

We have four birth suites designed for a positive and natural birth experience in a home-like environment. The birth experience at Seasons is surrounded by support from our midwives, who specialize in water-based births, holistic pregnancy care and much, much more.

We believe that pregnancy is a state of health and birth is a process that works best when we let families take the lead. It is our philosophy that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are natural physiologic processes. As such, our responsibility is to support, educate and nurture families through those processes.

Seasons Birth Center Environment

The environment at Seasons Birth Center is carefully crafted to the needs and concerns of expectant parents. Where the hospital is sterile and clinical, our freestanding birth center is inviting and warm. Our birth suites are tastefully decorated with warm lighting and an open floor design. 

Instead of a medical bed, we have a comfortable double mattress with a supporting bed frame where you can deliver your newborn in your chosen position. We also have an elegant bath designed to support water births. You can also use the tub and showers for washing or relaxing as you need if you aren’t having a water-based delivery. 

Services We Provide

Our services go beyond pregnancy and delivery services at Seasons Birth Center, although that’s our primary focus. We also offer care to women and individuals who need gynecological care at any stage of life. Some of the services we provide at our Denver birth center include:

  • Acute gynecological care: Our providers offer cancer screening, contraception services, wellness exams and other primary care services.
  • Birth and delivery services: Birth is a life event that we should all celebrate, which is why our birth and delivery services aim to educate, guide and support families.
  • Doula services: Doula services provide support, guidance and ongoing reassurance through the prenatal, delivery and postpartum stages.
  • Midwifery services: Our midwifery services center on supporting prenatal care, labor and delivery services through holistic practices. 
  • Postpartum care: With postpartum care, we focus on breastfeeding support, newborn care and mental wellness care.
  • Prenatal care: Our prenatal care services include childbirth classes and monitoring your wellbeing and baby’s development as you progress in your pregnancy.
  • Water births: We provide water births through several techniques. These techniques include staying in the pool through labor but not delivery, waiting until the delivery to get in the pool or staying in the pool through both labor and delivery. 

Benefits of Freestanding Birth Centers

Many studies attest to the safety and efficacy of freestanding birth center deliveries compared to conventional hospital births. These studies show that delivery services at freestanding birth centers increase birthweight and full-term births and reduce c-section frequency. 

Find a Midwifery Birth Center Near You!

If you live in the Denver area and are looking for a midwifery center with birth suites near you, we would love to meet you at Seasons Birth Center! We welcome you to call us or schedule an appointment with one of our midwives, doulas or teachers to start your Seasons birth journey. 

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