Water Births


Water Births

In Denver

We believe that birth is a natural life event that deserves celebration, and the way someone gives birth is a life-changing experience. One increasingly popular birthing method for parents is water births. 

What Is a Water Birth?

Water birth is a childbirth method in which labor or delivery occur while you’re in a birth pool filled with warm water. Birthing in water can ease the baby’s transition into the world. While in the womb, babies are surrounded by an amniotic fluid sac for nine months, so being born in a similar setting such as water can be a gentler process.  

Water births can occur at home, in a birth center or at the hospital. Choose the location that makes you most comfortable. When you decide to have a water birth, a certified midwife or doctor will help you through the process. 

There are several water birth techniques, including:

  • Remaining in the pool during labor and getting out for deliver.
  • Waiting until deliver to get in the pool.
  • Staying in the pool throughout the entire process. 

Benefits of Water Births

People may choose to have water births due to the many benefits to the pregnant individual and baby. When babies are born through water births, they can feel a sense of security and reassurance in a more familiar environment. 

Here are some water birth benefits for pregnant individuals:

  • Eased pain from labor and contractions
  • Increased sense of privacy
  • Enhanced comfort during labor and delivery
  • Boosted mobility and positioning through buoyancy
  • Heightened natural birth experience
  • Reduced need for pain or anxiety medication
  • Shortened labor period
  • More positive birthing experience

If you’re considering having a water birth, consult your doctors and midwives to see if this birthing method could work for you. While there are many benefits of the birthing method, each individual will have different needs and preferences.

Find a Water Birth Center Near You

If you’re looking for water birth centers in Colorado, Seasons Midwifery & Birth Center has the resources and expertise you need. We value empowering individuals throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods.

Your choice to have a water birth can benefit you and your baby. Our professionally trained staff is here to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire birthing process and your baby arrives safely. Get in touch with us with any water birth questions or schedule a facility tour today to start planning

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