Wellness Physical Exams

Wellness Physical Exams

In Denver

What is a wellness visit?  Why should you have a physical exam if you aren’t sick or experiencing any health problems?

Wellness screening exams are a proven way to maintain good health. These annual exams are done when you are NOT experiencing any acute issues or symptoms, but instead as a preventative measure to keep you well. 

We can provide education and discuss:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Medication and supplements review/refil
  • Sexual health
  • Emotional & mental health
  • Family planning options
  • Smoking cessation advice
  • Screening for health conditions or disorders
  • Physical examination for insurance or employment
  • Any other wellness/preventative health questions you may have

The Midwifery Model of Care focuses on preventative care, and we view this as an opportunity for education and as a chance to build a supportive relationship with our clients. We are happy to offer this care for folks who have never been pregnant as well as folks who have had births with us. Additionally, we love to see young clients to help them establish care in a positive, safe and nurturing environment. We also look forward to caring for you well after your child bearing years, into and through menopause.

Preventative health care is often covered at 100% by most insurance companies once per year. You should verify this coverage with your own carrier before making an appointment.

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